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Open your mind and unlock your potential.

The mind is an overly complex and intricate being. It plays many tricks on us. There are times when we think that what we know is the only truth there is, or when things do not always go our way we can get angry or frustrated.

How often do we get locked into thinking in a fixed manner? If we start to question our thoughts, we can identify that they are predominately based on assumptions and not …facts!

By understanding our thoughts, we can start to understand ourselves and our situations. Could it be negative thoughts or false beliefs that are getting in the way?

One thing that we need to consider is that there are other possibilities.

If we start to look at alternative choices or substitute meanings it will cut through these unhelpful thought patterns and open us up to a plethora of options.

When our mind is stuck in the mode where it thinks our truth is the only truth there is, we need to realise that it's our individuality at work here. Our own opinion of ourselves our ego does not want to hear about anyone else.

We don't need to agree to those points of view, we just need to know that they exist.

When locked in a way of thinking we block ourselves off from alternative outcomes and feel stuck. Asking questions like what if there was another way to look at something, what if there is a different answer, what if there is a different reason can be liberating, what evidence do I have that this is true, can be liberating and be the start of living a stress-free life.

By using coaching techniques, I can help you to open your mind and to possibilities. asking, What if? Balance Counselling and Coaching provides a blend of coaching and counselling services which enables us to work with clients in a more in-depth manner. We offer a variety of services that will help you overcome personal challenges and allow you to achieve your individual goals.

At Balance we can help you to overcome personal challenges and allow you to achieve your individual goals.

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About the Author

Kath Taylor

Since 2013, Kath has been working as a certified Counsellor and Coach who specialises in helping people cope with their issues. Kath works with clients in a variety of ways based on the individual and what they require/best works for them. Counselling and coaching services are offered face to face, over the telephone and via Zoom.

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